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Maintain My RV is an online service for RV owners that helps them build, schedule, track, and manage RV maintenance online, keeping their RV in top condition – saving them time and money so they can maximize their RV lifestyle.  The online application works to make you the expert on what maintenance your RV needs and when.

While we are not a service that tells you the “How To” of your maintenance and we always stress adherence to manufacturer’s guidelines, we strive to help RV owners with just about everything but the mechanic.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing a high quality, secure service that enables RV owners to be as proactive and in control of their time as they want to be.  Some RV owners are fanatical about maintenance, others just want to know enough to maximize the money they spend and their time on the road with friends and loved ones.

We are continuously striving to improve the application by building partnerships with various manufacturers and dealers so even more knowledge and experience about your specific RV can be made readily available to you, simplifying the mysteries of RV maintenance and maximizing your valuable time.

Maintain My RV’s growth is dependent on referrals and the work we do every day to earn our customer’s trust and confidence.  We are constantly seeking feedback to make sure we are on the right track to provide the best possible service and value, making adjustments and improvements wherever possible.  Maintain My RV is an independent application and is not affiliated with any dealer, manufacturer or reseller.

How Maintain My RV Got Started

“ I love problem solving, and most of the time when I figure out what the root cause was for an issue on my RV, I could have avoided it happening, certainly from happening at the worst time ever!” – Rob Willard – RV Enthusiast and Co-Creator of Maintain My RV

An RV enthusiast to say the least! Rob grew up taking many RV trips with his grandparents and has owned RVs for many years.  Rob is a fanatic about RV maintenance and through his experience, including some hard lessons, he has become an expert on the topic.

After working in technology for over 25 years, including time spent running some of the largest online web applications in the world.  Rob works closely with the Maintain My RV team and is now 100% focused on making the service a valuable tool for what is over 9 Million RVs in the US.  The team works enthusiastically with other RV experts, bringing technical expertise together with practical experience, to provide a service that will drive an even greater enjoyment of RV ownership.

Our passion for RVing drives us to use our experience to help others get as much out of RV-ing as we do.

Working with 30 Years of Evolving RV Technology

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